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Cut through the AI complexity and turn your challenges into successes

Who We Are


Our Team

Brings together world-class data scientists, mathematicians and software engineers to create brilliant solutions.


We Deep Dive

We apply the most up to date techniques to extract meaning from your data regardless of how complex it may be and turn AI and statistical predictions into actions


We Value

Transparency, honesty and the ethical application of AI and machine learning techniques cognisant of their future impact on business and society as a whole.


We Believe

That there should not be any barriers to the access of information whilst maintaining privacy, fairness and accountability in the collection, use and processing of data.


We Strive

To produce new analytical technologies that advance and empower businesses to unlock insights from data.


We Acknowledge

The diversity that enriches our society and take responsibility for how our actions impact the world, ensuring that we direct our actions in ways that are beneficent rather than harmful.

How We Can Help You

01 Dedicated Team

Our PhD data scientists bring extensive private/public sector expertise in implementing innovative solutions across health, finance, emergency services, infrastructure, and transport.

02 Software & Automated Pipelines

We create customised software and automated pipelines tailored to our clients’ needs, enabling them to leverage advanced AI and statistical models while cutting cloud/on-premise processing costs and time.

03 AI and Machine Learning

Our team is well positioned to help you progress your AI journey. We have practical, real-world experience applying the latest AI technologies to generate competitive insights.

04 Analytics

Leverage our deep experience aggregating and analysing large, challenging data sets including image and text data. Our data scientists offer tailored support, enhancing workflows, and saving time.

05 Consulting

Our experience consulting for some of the world’s largest companies and government departments enables us to engage efficiently and propose solutions that have practical outcomes.

06 Ongoing Support

Change can be sudden or gradual. Our team collaborates with in-house data science teams and project managers, offering continuous support, listening to feedback, and discussing impactful future changes.

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How We Collaborate With You

Define the Problem

Our Project Managers consult extensively with our clients to ensure the problem definition and scope are aligned.

Analysis & Planning

Our PhD-level team constructs algorithmic frameworks for your business’s competitive advantage.

Delivery & Integration

After testing and development, we oversee seamless integration with clients’ existing systems for a successful release.

Ongoing Support

Our dedicated team collaborates with the Project Manager for ongoing application support and performance monitoring post-implementation.

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