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Predictive Analytics Group will help you unlock the value in your data, gaining real insights so you can make strategic decisions today, about tomorrow and beyond. We have extensive experience across a broad range of industries. Whether you are planning, budgeting or investing, our analysis provides the evidence you need to make the best decisions.
Financial Services

Financial sector faces tech disruption, lower entry, more app use, non-bank pressure on traditional services.


Upcoming reforms to Medicare, private health insurance, and prescription costs will reshape healthcare, demanding strategic adjustments from providers.


Australian manufacturing’s fate depends on factors like the currency, automotive decline, productivity, innovation, and global competitiveness.


Online competition pressures brick-and-mortar stores, underscoring the necessity of strategic decisions for survival in this dynamic retail landscape.


Whether you are planning, budgeting or investing, our analysis will provide the evidence you need to make the best decision.


Our seasoned experts collaborate closely with government clients, analysing data to inform their unique decision-making processes.

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Machine Learning / AI

PAG are industry leaders in commercial AI/ML, enabling clients to leverage the latest technological advancements to revolutionise business operations and drive profitability gains. Embrace AI and ML for process optimisation, operational cost reduction and automation, and enhanced customer experiences.

At PAG, we design, develop, and deploy bespoke AI/ML solutions that penetrate complex data landscapes, extracting pivotal insights to guide informed strategic decision-making. Discover how your organisation can integrate AI/ML as a fundamental element of its strategy, securing a competitive advantage in an ever-changing marketplace.

Mathematical Optimisation

PAG specialises in delivering advanced mathematical optimisation techniques to tackle critical challenges in schedule optimisation, transport logistics, health operations, and portfolio management. Our process is defined by a commitment to innovation, starting with problem discovery and prototyping, followed by in-depth modelling, and culminating in the deployment of tailor-made turn-key applications.

PAG’s optimisation solutions are designed to seamlessly align your strategic objectives with the operational realities of business rules and resource constraints. Empower your organisation to confidently navigate the complexities of today’s dynamic business landscape, leveraging PAG’s expertise to transform challenges into opportunities for growth and success.

Statistics & Economics

PAG excels in statistical inference and econometrics, aiding government and private sectors in making data-driven decisions that positively impact education, health, and essential human services. Our approach involves comprehensive peer reviews, detailed cost-benefit analyses, and precise forecasting, ensuring strategic decisions are not only empirically sound but also socially beneficial.

Leveraging our expertise, organisations can confidently address complex socio-economic challenges, transforming robust data into actionable insights. PAG is committed to guiding policy-making and strategic planning towards sustainable societal and business efficiency improvements.

Solution Architecture

PAG is an industry leader in designing and deploying cutting-edge IT solutions and applications, catering to cloud, on-premises and hybrid environments. Navigate the complexities of IT solution deployment with PAG’s expertise in designing and implementing cutting-edge applications for both cloud and on-premises environments.

Make informed decisions guided through a myriad of deployment options, aligning choices with specific computational needs, security considerations, and overarching business goals. Whether opting for cloud systems’ flexibility or the security of on-premises solutions, ensure the best fit for your unique requirements.


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